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Style details – Duffel bag

The duffel bag by The Savile Club is made of soft suede – the go-to material to stand out in style from sporty grinds that shouldn’t concern a real gentleman on the go.

We’ve opted for a highly traditional intense blue with elegant darker ton-sur-ton leather finishing. Even the trained eye will be pleasantly surprised by the masterful subtleness of the flexible burgundy insets. Featuring adjustable handles and strap and two inner pockets, our duffel bag can hold everything you need while retaining its compactness and versatility. It’s ideal for your week-end away from home.

Who can forget the magnetic Hugh Grant in his not-so-elegant adventures with Bridget Jones? Remember how flawless he looked on his 1969 Mercedes 280 SE convertible, confidently driving through London with his suede duffel bag nonchalantly tossed on the back seat on his way to the idyllic British countryside?

That’s how The Savile Club wants the travelling man to be – and we won’t compromise on anything. So here are a few easy tips on how to pack your duffel bag like a real man of the world. In fact, let’s pick the brains of Louis Vuitton himself. Slip your shoes into a couple of cloth bags and place them on the bottom of your duffel bag. Then put in your beauty case. Fill in the empty spaces with your underwear, socks and rolled-up belts. Cover the lot with your raincoat or overcoat. Now put in your trousers and, finally, your carefully folded shirts and suits. On a final note, we’d like to recommend a casual style with a nice bespoke touch, such as a sporty tailored shirt preferably made of soft fabric.

Remember that when you’re on the road, a handy accessory can instantly change the flavour of your outfit from bland to cleverly dandy. So bring along an extra scarf – maybe a cashmere one – to give yourself that unique touch that’s guaranteed to blow away any doubt concerning your stylish character. Even when you’re on holiday.


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