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Influence Bespoke: Style Icon

Elegance is a mysterious, timeless and unfathomable component. Yet, to some men elegance is second nature and effortlessly shines through in their every gesture.

These men are icons of our time. They have almost inadvertently turned their lives into masterpieces that still leave us breathless and enchanted. They have lived bespoke lives that are the perfect fit for the story they have wanted to tell. They have never turned back. They are the essence of the real contemporary gentleman.

Colin Firth, British actor

Colin Firth is a genuinely brave man. He’s never showing off his muscles or glaring at the camera – he’s all heart, involvement and not afraid to let his emotions shine.

It’s no surprise, then, that he achieved mainstream success in his role as the iconic Mr Darcy in a TV adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Colin Firth is beloved because he’s not afraid of being romantic; because his ardent and fearless spirit ready to take on anything that’s true is ever so subtly suggested under his impeccable allure, to the point that the casual observer might mistake him for a cold guy.

His cool perfection is all the more dazzling; he’s brave enough to never go after the latest fad; his expression and his posture are crucial parts of the whole thanks to his fleeting gaze and noble soul, his demure smile, his loose collar, his tie slipped into his pocket at the end of the night and his hands in his pockets.

Firth owns the virile liquid essence of a man whose vulnerabilities enhance him; they are a badge of honour to be pinned to his best matching double-breasted jacket along with his finely polished cufflinks. They would eventually earn the man and the actor an Oscar in 2011 for his role as one of the bravest sovereigns of our time – a sovereign who was also riddled with insecurity and by a tough personal inheritance.

His attention to the deeper and more intense side of things doesn’t rule out fashion. In fact, Firth is passionately serious about it. The proof is in his taking part in Tom Ford’s first film project – fashion at the service of interiority. Who can forget those huge eyeglasses? His is a style that provides the perfect mask for the soul, treating it with respect and demanding respect in return.

Nothing is ready-made in his non-overly British style; there’s a touch that belongs to the world and lets the uniqueness of Italian style express itself fully. Not surprisingly, Colin Firth has a thing for Italian tailoring thanks to his marriage to Livia Giuggioli, a director, designer and icon of elegance herself.

That’s who Colin Firth is – an absolutely impeccable casual soul.


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