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Bespoke encounters – Segno Italiano

Outstanding design and top quality made accessible to everyone thanks to the Web – it’s so many people’s dream. How did you make it come true?

Segno Italiano is a brand that promotes top-tier Italian craft products and trades them worldwide. Our aim is to ensure that the tradition and liveliness of this wealth of excellence consisting of centuries-old skills and handicraft from all over Italy remains as vibrant as ever. In addition to trading, Segno Italiano designs frameworks we like to call “home scenarios” where different products with a common thread coexist. The first framework is the Laid Table, which is a tribute to the Italian spirit. The second is Living in the Open, a praise of nature. Segno Italiano works as a worldwide vendor for Italian artisans, as a contemporary reviver of top-level products with which to sketch thematic scenarios of Italian home life, as an art director creating tailor-made collections for customers, and as an interior designer for private homes, shops and the food service industry. Thanks to Leo Prusicki, our new sales manager who joined us in 2014, we have been able to broaden our sales network and boost our customer portfolio. Our online sales market is set to grow further thanks to our new e-commerce website coming in 2016.

“Tailor-made” has become a buzz-word in almost every goods category – but sometimes it’s just out of place. In top-tier interior design, however, it’s an industry standard. What’s the secret to meeting this standard in terms of quality and aesthetics while adapting to an ever-changing market and without devaluing the end product?

Segno Italiano has drawn inspiration from the Slow Food and Eataly models in the food industry. The strength of the Segno Italiano system lies in our broad offer of limited-production collections; this ensures top quality and maximum customers. We like to talk about product districts, just like Slow Food talks about the protection of Italy’s many unique, centuries-old traditions that are deeply rooted in the countless areas around the country. Segno Italiano champions models removed from fashion and trend.

The items on your website show how keen you are on local products. Clearly, you’re keen on offering the very best that each area of Italy can produce. How important is handicraft for you today?

 Handicraft is crucial in order to produce exquisitely detailed limited collections using traditional techniques and materials.

In addition to your website, you are also highly committed to organising events and exhibitions. How important is it for you to work hands-on with potential buyers?

Segno Italiano carries out interior design projects, mountings and sets for clients who appreciate the taste and sensitivity of made-to-measure and quality products. For three years now we have been working with Io Antonio and Patrizia Marras on a project for a capsule collection presented at each year’s Milan Design Week. In 2015 we won a prestigious award for the best set. We’re already working on two important sets for the 2016 edition with new collections and introducing a new home scenario.

You work a lot for private customers, offering whole custom-made collections. The Savile Club also believes that customisation best represents each individual’s personality. In your opinion, what is the most stimulating part of this job?

The most stimulating aspect of our job is definitely the contamination of multiple disciplines. Art, handicraft, nutrition and design are all closely related and can mesh perfectly.

 We began our interview talking about a dream so let’s end it the same way. Which of your products would you like to see become iconic and a part of design history?

The Palazzo Bianco folding chair, which is the exact reproduction of the model used by Franco Albini for the reconstruction of Palazzo Bianco in Genoa.


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