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Bespoke Attitude – Waistcoat

Like every garment with a renowned tailoring tradition and a proud personality, a waistcoat – regardless of its colour and shape – should be worn following simple and invigorating style pointers.

If you like your waistcoat to have eight buttons then we’ll gladly shake your hand – you’re dressing to the highest standards of tailor-made waistcoat tradition. If you’re not, read on with us as we go over these waistcoat style tips.

First of all, waistcoats and double-breasted jackets just don’t mesh –the former gets choked out by the latter. A waistcoat can, however, play the part of a double-breasted jacket on the most formal occasions – a throwback to its original elegance. These aren’t occasions that welcome belts; therefore, below the strictly loose last button nothing must be visible, especially the clips of the braces – an accessory that goes as well with a waistcoat as butter does with freshly baked bread.

If a Sherlock-Holmes-style waistcoat tempts you to pair it with a pocket watch, its chain proudly dangling out the minute you shift the flap of your jacket, know that you’re dangerously close to falling for an affected retro style. If you want to carry on a healthy and monogamous relationship with good taste then follow us at The Savile Club as we show you how to experiment to bring out your very own brand of uniqueness. Feel free to try out various fabrics and even pair different materials for your shirt and tie to create unusual matches and juxtapositions with the various fabrics and textures. A gentleman’s trained eye knows just how to pinpoint a look with excellence written all over it.


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