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Bespoke Attitude – Double-breasted jacket

A double-breasted jacket is a solid style statement. The Savile Club’s dark blue double-breasted jacket is the flagship of a gentleman’s allure and instantly conveys unbridled charm. This model isn’t for everyone but just for the aware – and being aware of one’s style is a way of life for the Savile man.

We like to imagine our double-breasted jacket dark blue, tailored to the wearer’s body like a second skin and made of the fabric carefully chosen by our knowing customer. Bringing out the best of one’s figure with a double-breasted jacket isn’t easy. Many fall short, especially when they go for ready-made suits – not in the brilliant manner of people like Marcel Duchamp or Man Ray – and end up voiding their look of any individuality whatsoever. That’s something we just won’t stand for.

A double-breasted jacket that isn’t crafted by highly skilled hands and without mutual feedback between the craftsman and the customer can wreck the wearer’s silhouette. On the contrary, a proudly bespoke double-breasted jacket is guaranteed to triumphantly bring out your very best.

Each double-breasted jacket by The Savile Club is one-of-a-kind and tailored strictly to the wearer’s tendencies and preferences. We recommend pointed lapels and six buttons, in keeping with the finest tradition. The buttons should be in rows of two: the top two merely decorative and highlight the lapels; the middle two with corresponding eyelets; and the bottom two also decorative.This cut merges tradition with a modern, stream-lined and easy-going style, delivering a win-win solution. You can even wear your double-breasted jacket as part of a more informal two-piece suit by pairing it with lighter trousers and boat shoes, giving your jacket an impeccably sporty touch.

For an extra dash of elegance, complement your jacket with same-colour or slightly darker trousers, smart socks and a pair of Oxford shoes to go the extra mile or a pair of Derby shoes to tone down the elegance while retaining an unquestionably chic look.

A new ally in your quest for personal power and the secret touch for the perfect attire – that’s the outstanding double-breasted jacket by The Savile Club.

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