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Go hands-free – The best backpack for you!

Backpacks are a big thing again. They blend top-notch convenience with no-nonsense style. Backpacks are especially fascinating when they’re made of leather, with a rock’n’roll and no-frills attitude that goes great with a traditional suit as well as with a more casual outfit.

The Savile Club offers a sack model – a contemporary choice that caters to every style and age. The snap-hook catch gives it a nice urban touch. You can customise the style and materials, choosing from among leather and chamois, denim and leather, crocodile insets and more. Bikers will love the extra inside pocket where you can keep your personal belongings safe and secure.

The backpack by The Savile Club is much more than a look-defining accessory – it’s a must-have for you to carry around what you’re most keen on in style. It’s great for both sexes – class and sophistication transcend gender, after all – and makes for a great Christmas gift to anyone looking to relive Kerouac’s myth in contemporary fashion. The road – today as well as yesterday and both strictly and figuratively speaking – is an urge that’s hard to resist.


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